About Us

For over twenty-five years and on into the future, Visionary offers doctors and patients superior products and services that ensure quality vision care. We recognize the importance of providing professional service and precise quality manufacturing methods when dispensing prescriptions. We are proud of the critical role our lab plays in the fulfillment of the eye exam and providing optimal vision.


Our Unique Business Philosophy

Visionary believes the best way to support our customer’s business goals is to keep things simple. We provide our customers exactly what they want when they want it. We are honest and transparent with our products and services which is reflected in our pricing philosophy and lens design details. We don’t have any complicated warranties or add on pricing. We readily divulge lens design parameters and manufacturing details.   All these mark our selfless support of our customer’s success.

Our Quality Promise

At Visionary, we understand the complex processes involved to guarantee precision quality ophthalmic products. We guarantee: 

  • Trained and experienced personnel 
  • State of the art manufacturing, finishing and inspection equipment 
  • Clean, safe and organized production environment 
  • Quality process that are monitored and enforced 

Our Team 

Rick Belliveau Founder and President
Rick is the CEO of Visionary.He started manufacturing contact lenses at night in 1976 to put himself through college. In 1981, he graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. His skill in manufacturing was quickly noted by the company’s senior management, and he was rapidly promoted to supervisor and lab manager.
During the 1980s, Belliveau remained in the optical industry and began working as a lab manager. He also earned his contact lens fitting license. Later, Belliveau designed, built and ran a GP manufacturing lab.
He realized all of his talents could be applied to a full-service GP manufacturing lab, and he founded Visionary in 1992. He expanded his business in 1996 with the acquisition of Quality Optics, which made the highly successful TotalVue multifocal contact lens.

In 2001, Belliveau and his Visionary team acquired and moved into an 11,000 square foot facility which has provided room for growth and expansion. At that time Rick lead his team to begin the ophthalmic lens manufacturing lab. The optical division has rapidly grown as a key component of Visionary’s broad range of services.

Belliveau has technologically advanced the company during the second decade of this century. The company has upgraded their CNC manufacturing with the most current manufacturing tools produced by DAC. The company has also introduced plasma cleaning to enhance the optical quality of the most permeable GP material. Many other automated process improvements have been incorporated to ensure precision quality products.


John Belliveau – Manager of Business Affairs
John has been working at Visionary since he was 16 (2009).  He started in the lab working on the manufacturing side.  He has continued to work and support the lab when product demand is high.  His work in the lab has led him to develop close relationships with the DAC (manufacturers of our advanced technology lathes) team as well as other industry manufacturing leaders to help guide his ability to implement new processes and tools that result in enhanced lens design and manufacturing capabilities.   Because of John’s passion for working with people, John has moved his knowledge of manufacturing and inspections into customer service and most recently to the lens design consultation side of the operation.  John is able to leverage his knowledge of manufacturing capabilities for added insight into the design and fitting process of the lenses.  John’s greatest concern is to support our customers in their goal of providing improved vision to their patients.  You’ll see John at trade shows and educational events where he loves to engage in stimulating conversations ranging from new applications for Scleral lenses to World Series forecasts.


Christa Brewster – Contact Lens Consultant and Manager of Operations

Christa has been a hard working and dedicated Visionary team member for over 20 years.  Christa started in customer service and quickly moved to lens consultation due to her aptitude for geometry, math and her uncanny ability to make sense and trend the vast variations in corneal and contact lens relationships.  Christa has designed and developed our Scleral lenses and continues to optimize them thanks to customer feed back and applications.  Christa is eager to help all our customers with any challenge that may come their way.  She is always looking for new ways to take on challenging opportunities.  She communicates with our customers with sense of urgency and quality that instills a great amount of trust and confidence.  


James Ortiz – Customer Service Specialist

James joined Visionary in early 2018.  His education focused on physical science with a minor in mathematics.  James’ analytical mind makes him a perfect fit in the world of specialty contact lenses.  James began as a final inspector and manufacturer when it became apparent his personable demeaner suited him for customer service.  James enjoys working with Visionary customers to solve problems and overcome challenges.  He especially enjoys diagnosing contact lens fits and designing customized lenses to address just about set of circumstances.  If you want some insight into James’ personal passions, ask him about the Eagles or the Angels.