Scleral Lens Are the Perfect Option for Any Cornea

Unique Parameters and Lens Features: The Jeraly lenses are fit based on prolate or oblate corneas. The Jeraly lens is available with toric and multi-focal features with reverse geometry corneal curves to optimize apical clearance. Standard fitting sets have a simplified adjustment feature such that every diopter of base curve change is equal to 100 microns of sagittal depth change. Precision fitting options include limbal curve adjustments in increments of 50 microns and scleral landing zone adjustments in increments of 50 microns. Lenses are designed with toric haptic curves of 100 microns which are adjustable by 50 microns in either direction for better centration and stability. The scleral landing curves are laser etched at 0° and 180° to help identify necessary cylindrical corrections. Specified quadrant curves are available in every zone of the design.


Single Solution... Endless Applications

  • Larger optic zone for better acuity & reduction of glare
  • Fluid pool keeps dry eyes wet
  • Promotes corneal health
  • Vaulted design for easy fit
  • Lens stability for active lifestyles and athletes


Our simplified fitting kit and helpful consultation make it easier than ever to fit your patients with Scleral lenses.

Re-Invent Your Practice with Visionary

  • Liberal fitting set lease & loan program
  • Most lens ship in two days or less
  • Incorporating latest manufacturing technology allows unlimited design permutations
  • Generous scleral lens exchange policy
  • Competitive pricing
  • Complementary patients introduction kit