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Our customer testimonials are a form of word-of-mouth marketing that play heavily into the psychology of social proof. Without our customers trust we would not exist. Visionary Lens have worked hard to gain our customers trust in the virtue of our products and team members. Read what our customers think of us!


"Regarding the Scleral Lens Workshop, it was a well-organized endeavor to expose the Practicing Optometrist to the basics of this newer, and more advanced form of treating irregular corneas. It was hands on, very focused on the clinical aspects of evaluating fit on live subjects via Biomicroscopy, as well as implementing Optovue advanced imaging. An additional clinical treat was being shown the immaculate laboratory and instrumentation used to manufacture all types of rigid lenses. Visionary staff, you get a 10 star rating!"

Dr. Carlos Green


“It can't be complimentary enough about Christa, the consultation at Visionary Lens. Christa is super knowledgeable about fitting problems and more importantly how to address them. She is efficient, fast, and accurate... and we almost always receive lenses the next day!”

Dr. Tim Jankowski

Pacific Eyecare


“I’ve been with Visionary for over 20 years and Visionary has provided me and my patients excellent contact lenses and customer service.  Christa Brewster is the main reason why I keep going to Visionary.  She’s a wealth of knowledge providing great trouble shooting help.  She designed an excellent scleral lens set—the Jerly lens, with which I’ve had good success with.”

Karen K Yeung, OD, FAAO

Diplomate: Cornea, Contact Lenses and Refractive Technologies

Of the American Academy of Optometry

U See LA Optometry—an extension of the UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health Center


“This patient delivers mail for USPS, and sclrerals have changed her life, after 15+ yrs of not being able to tolerate corneal GPs for more than a few hours and trying to read mail with glasses on at work, she is extremely happy with these lenses!  Of course the lenses would never have been fit so well, if it wasn't for all the great help that Christa and the RGP consulting crew at Visionary provide on a daily basis!”

“If your an OD, and thinking about trying sclerals, don't hesitate, call Visionary!”

Ethan M Clayton, OD

Optometric Center Moreno Valley


Oh my GOD!
“I expected this to be one of the hardest fits ever in my 19 years. He’s a post PKP cone with a very steep button and -8.75 cyl. I used the prolate Jeraly Scleral and described the issues with you. You made the changes. And it’s perfect! He sees 20/20- and has a +0.25 over refraction, which has no impact on his vision. Awesome job! This guy is over the moon! Never thought he’d see out of that eye again. So happy.”