We at Visionary believe knowledge is the key to success. The contents of this page are dedicated to your personal and business enrichment. We believe the following entries provide some of the most succinct and applicable excerpts from industry literature that apply directly to your specialty lens practice.
Cloudy with a Chance of Fog

Today’s Best Options for Fighting Contact Lens Fogging.

Great overview of many options for mitigating contact lens fogging.

Recent Advances in Orthokeratology
By Melanie Frogozo, OD and Swati Kumar, OD (10/1/2021)

This paper contains an excellent description of the physics of the mechanism that changes the corneal shape.

The Anatomy of a Modern Orthokeratology Lens
By Emily Korszen, OD and Patrick J. Caroline (3/1/2017)

We believe this Is one of the best introductions to Ortho-K lens design, with details defining the function of each design parameter.

Cutting Through the Fog

By: The Visionary Contact Lens Team

The professionals at Visionary discuss fogging, what it is and how to manage it.