Complimentary Resources

Road Map to the Fundamentals of Specialty Contact Lenses by Visionary
A convenient primer written with your novice specialty contact lens staff in mind.  This booklet is an excellent training tool that introduces common terminology, lens design fundamentals, and lens applications necessary for your staff to become capable in ordering, receiving and dispensing specialty contact lenses.
Scleral Lens Patient Information Trifold Brochure by Visionary
This brochure was created with your patients in mind by providing useful information regarding scleral contact lenses.
Ortho-K Contact Lens Patient Information Trifold by Visionary
This trifold brochure provides insight to Ortho-K to your patients in terms they can understand.
Scleral Lens Application & Removal Guide by Visionary
This guide uses images to show lens application and removal and is perfect for new scleral users.
DK Comparison Chart by Visionary
This chart provides doctors with a simple easy-to-use chart comparing the different DK levels for each type of material available from Visionary.
Gas Permeable Lens Care & Handling Guide by Visionary
This handy guide is perfect for your patients who use Gas Permeable lenses and Gas Permeable lenses with Hydra-Peg©.  The front features cleaning and storage directions, the back shows Safe Solutions to use on Gas Permeable lenses and Gas Permeable lenses with Hydra-Peg©.
HVID Ruler
Wratten Filter
Front cover of a book titles scleral lens trouble shooting faqs. printed by scleral lens education society and gpli.
Scleral Lens Troubleshooting FAQs
This large format resource booklet contains valuable, practical information on scleral lens fitting and problem-solving.  Developed by GP Lens Institue and the Scleral Lens Education Society.

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