Specialty contact lens designs

Specialty Contact Lenses offer superior acuity solutions for a range of challenging corneal conditions including myopia, severe keratoconus and post-surgery. Our lens designs are made from the highest quality gas permeable (GP) materials that help contribute to fitting success.

Ortho-K Contact Lenses

Visionary’s Ortho-K lens design, the MesaGrande (MG), exemplifies our efficiency in Ortho-K. The MG is part of the Bausch + Lomb FDA approved family of Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) designs.

Scleral Contact Lenses

The Visionary FAQT Scleral lens is our next generation design that implements our innovative proprietary Comfort Curve. Fitting success is increased with the expanded capabilities of FAQT design.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Make life easier for your presbyopes with the Site See, an easily adaptable concentric multifocal.
Total Vue has 40 years of proven success as a versatile progressive multifocal lens design.

Irregular Cornea Contact Lenses

The Ultimate K lens is designed for a wide range of irregular shaped cornea. The five-curve fitting parameters are easily manipulated to vault the most challenging profiles.

Lens Cleaning and Hydra-PEG Treatment

Plasma Cleaning
Plasma gas cleaning achieves an ultra-clean lens surface by exposing the lens to ionized gas that adheres to proteins and lipids at a microscopic level and sweeps them away when the plasma gas is removed. The result is a lens with exceptional wettability and enhanced comfort.


Tangible® Hydra-PEG® is a breakthrough custom contact lens coating designed to solve the problems of discomfort and dry eyes.

Fitting Sets

The FAQT Scleral lens fitting set is an 18 lens set with nine different base curve pairs. Each pair is available with high overall toricity or 250 µ or low overall toricity of 150 µ. Lenses are etched with fitting set ID. The fitting set is presented in a unique wooden box which distinguishes it among other fitting sets. This fitting set is available through our “Fit 2 Pay” program.
Mesa Grande
The Mesa Grande (MG) Ortho-K fitting set is an 18 lens set with 3 diameter options of 10.0mm, 10.6mm and 11.0mm Base curves range from 8.03 mm to 10.38 mm. This fitting set is available through our “Fit to Pay” program.

Ultimate K

The Ultimate-K Keratoconus lens fitting set is an 18 lens set designed for trial fitting of a large range of possible vaults. Base curves range from 4.82 mm to 7.50 mm with corresponding diameters from 8.6 mm to 9.2 mm. This fitting set is available through our “Fit to Pay” program.
Case by Case
Fitting sets are proven to be a highly efficient tool for diagnostic fitting of Specialty Contact Lenses. Visionary can custom design and manufacture a set to meet your personal needs. Contact us to customize your own set.


Lens Cases

  • Flat Packs
  • Deep Wells

Polishing & Cleaning

  • Modification Polish
  • Lens Lab Cleaner
  • Clean Room Cloths

DMV Applicators

  • DMV Ultra
  • DMV Scleral
  • DMV with Pen Light Applicators