GP Materials

Visionary Contact Lens is an approved manufacturer of the following FDA approved gas permeable (GP) lens raw materials. Approved materials have guaranteed functionality for all Visionary lens design indications as well and are guaranteed to ensure patient health

Bausch & Lomb is one of the oldest continually operating companies in the US today and produces some of the most reliable gas permeable materials on the market. Boston ES, Boston EO and Boston XO form the foundation of the Bausch & Lomb gas permeable material series. Equalens II is one of the few gas permeable materials approved in the United States for overnight Orthokeratology.

Contamac, founded in Britain in 1987 manufactures a line of Optimum materials called Optimum Classic, Optimum Comfort, Optimum Extra and Optimum Extreme. These four materials range in Dk from 26 to 125 and are approved for Hydra-PEG. Optimum Comfort at a Dk of 65 is the workhorse of the series providing great stability and excellent wettability. Optimum Infinite with a Dk of 180 was recently added to the lineup.

Paragon has been a leader in the development of gas permeable materials used in correcting a full range of visual conditions. Fluoroperm 30 and Fluoroperm 60 have severed as dependable and effective materials for a wide range of specialty contact lens designs.

Acuity Polymers product portfolio includes a full range of of fluoropolymers, from low, mid, high and hyper Dk GP materials. The latest product is the world’s first ultra-high GP material, Acuity 200 with a Dk of 200 as measured using ISO/FATT method.