Warranties &


Two Warranties From Which to Choose

1. PAY AS YOU GO “Don’t Look Back Warranty”
– Best Choice for less than two refits
– All lenses are automatically warranted unless the Fail Safe Warranty is requested
– 120 days unlimited exchanges
– Pay for the warranty at the time of exchange

2. PAY UP FRONT “Fail Safe Warranty”
– Best Choice for Challenging Fits
– 120 days unlimited exchanges
– Pay for the warranty at the time you place the order

Warranted Exchange Policies

If you purchased our “Fail Safe Warranty” (PAY UP FRONT) at the time of the order, there is no need to return the lenses. Simply contact us for the reorder. Please reference the original invoices to ensure correct billing
If your lenses are not covered by our Fail Safe Warranty, they are automatically covered by our “Don’t Look Back Warranty” (PAY AS YOU GO). Simply place your reorder and then send the original lenses back to us for credit. The credit will be the cost of the lens less the warranty fee. Please return the lenses with a copy of the invoice that has been annotated with the reason for the exchange. Send the lenses and invoice copy to:

Attn: Returns
2940 E. Miraloma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806

Defective Lenses

Needless to say, we strive for perfection. However, we make mistakes. Defective lenses or orders will be fully refunded and reproduced without charge once the lens has been returned and verified as defective.


Defective Lenses

Unfortunately, we do not warrant lost lenses.