In-Office Workshops

In-Office Workshops at a Glance

We truly understand how busy you are. That’s why we won’t bother you with business enticing gimmicks that consume more time than they save. Instead, we are offering in-office workshops to help you overcome some of your GP lens challenges. Below are two instruction workshops we currently provide to you and your staff. We will come to your office and provide demonstrations and hands on instructions. Please allow two weeks for scheduling Northern California or out of state locations.

Scleral Lens Application and Removal Workshop

Proper patient lens application and removal will significantly contribute to the success of your Scleral lens fit. This session will give you and your staff the confidence to teach your patients effectively and efficiently. Visionary will come to your office to demonstrate and instruct several Scleral lens application and removal techniques. We’ll bring spare lenses and plenty of supplies so you and your staff can practice on yourselves and on each other.

GP Lens Cleaning, Polishing and Power Modification Workshop

Save the hassle of returns by learning to clean, polish and modify your GP lenses real time. We travel to your office with a small modifying tool and all the accessories necessary for a complete demonstration and instructions. We’ll demonstrate the techniques for gently making small changes to lens power as well as edge shaping and general cleaning and polishing. We’ll bring plenty of practice lenses and supplies so you and your staff can practice for hours on end.

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