About Us

Visionary has been your full-service Specialty Contact Lens manufacturing lab for over thirty years. Visionary is proud to provide you, our optometric practitioner customers and their patients superior Specialty Contact Lens products and related services. We recognize the importance that professional and efficient teamwork as well as quality manufacturing processes has on the benefits of your patient outcomes. We are committed to your success!

Unique Business Philosophy

Visionary believes the best way to support our customer’s business goals is to keep things simple. We provide our customers exactly what they want when they want it. We are honest and transparent with our products and services which is reflected in our pricing philosophy and lens design details. We don’t have any complicated warranties or add on pricing. We readily divulge lens design parameters and manufacturing details. All these mark our selfless support of our customer’s success.

Quality Promise

At Visionary, we understand the complex processes involved to guarantee precision quality Specialty Contact Lenses.

We guarantee:

  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing, finishing and inspection equipment
  • Clean, safe and maintained production environment
  • Quality process that are monitored, enforced and compliant to FDA requirements

Make a Change

Meet Our Team

We are defined by the word teamwork. We work together to help our customers build their practice and provide the best optometric care to their patients.
Man with glasses and grey hair standing in front of green bushes and a grey wall.
Rick Belliveau
Founder and President
Smiling women with red hair standing in front of a green bush and a grey wall.
Cindy Belliveau

Customer Liaison

Smiling brown haired man standing in front of a green bush and grey wall.
John Belliveau
Manager of Business Affairs
Smiling man standing in front of a grey wall and green tree.
James Ortiz

Manager of Technical Operations

Smiling man with black hair standing in front of a grey wall and a green bush.
Alex Mesina

Manufacturing Specialist

Smiling man with black hair standing in front of a grey wall and a green bush.

Lena Oldums

Operations Coordinator

Professional & Industry Memberships